ASBMB president-elect responds to genome criticism

The importance of the sequencing the human genome “cannot be overstated,” Suzanne Pfeffer, ASBMB president-elect, wrote in a recent letter to the editor published in the June 25 edition of the New York Times.  Pfeffer’s letter was critical of the conclusions and implications of two recent articles and an editorial printed by the Times in the past month.

Pfeffer’s letter appears with critiques from industry leaders and fellow academic researchers, highlighting the important tool that the human genome has become in biomedical research.  In a recent article, The Economist also noted that, even with the tools provided by the human genome, the race for disease cures would more resemble a marathon than a sprint.

Read Pfeffer’s letter, two recent articles and an editorial about the 10th anniversary of the human genome on the New York Times’ website.  The Economist’s take on the genome can be found here.

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