House panel approves president’s budget for NSF in 2011 ?>

House panel approves president’s budget for NSF in 2011

On June 29, a U.S. House appropriations subcommittee approved a $7.42 billion budget for the National Science Foundation, matching President Obama’s request but falling short of ASBMB’s and other societies’ recommendations.  The proposed budget includes a 6 percent increase in funding for research and a 10 percent increase for education.

While matching the president’s request, the subcommittee appears to have different priorities for the funding.  If enacted, the subcommittee’s budget would include more than $66 million for education above the president’s request while allocating $58 million less for research.  The president’s NSF budget proposal included only a 2.3 percent increase for education.

On April 14, ASBMB President Gregory Petsko testified before the subcommittee, recommending a $7.68 billion budget.  Petsko’s testimony emphasized the importance of education funding at the NSF.

Including the bill containing the NSF budget, five of the 12 appropriations bills for 2011 have been passed by House appropriations subcommittees.  Three additional bills, including one containing the National Institutes of Health budget, will be considered July 14-15.

It is unclear when the full House Appropriations Committee might consider the bills.

Track the status of appropriations bills by visiting the appropriations committee website.

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