FY11 Funding Update: Government Passes Another Short-Term Continuing Resolution

Following approval by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, President Obama on Wednesday quickly signed a continuing resolution that will extend government operations until March 18.  The latest CR, which otherwise keeps the government running at FY10 spending levels, slashed $4 billion from the budget by eliminating several programs slated for termination in the President’s FY12 budget proposal.  No cuts were made to either the National Institutes of Health or National Science Foundation budgets.

In averting a government shutdown, the CR provides Congress two more weeks to finalize work on the FY11 budget.  While the Republican-led House has already passed their version of a spending bill that cuts the budget by $61 billion relative to FY10, the Senate, in which Democrats have the majority, has so far refused to endorse such massive spending reductions.  President Obama has called for Vice-President Biden to coordinate a bipartisan meeting of Congressional leadership to try and hammer out a compromise.

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