FY11 Budget Update: Congress Finally Passes Budget ?>

FY11 Budget Update: Congress Finally Passes Budget

On Thursday, Congress finally passed the FY11 budget with six months remaining in the fiscal year.  The final bill contains approximately $38 billion in cuts made from the previous year, with each department receiving a 0.2% cut in their budget, along with additional agency-specific cuts.

$260 million was cut from the NIH budget, $50 million from the facilities and maintenance budget, with the remaining cuts likely to be spread across the 27 institutes.  Sources indicate it is likely that extramural research will not be affected by these cuts.  Meanwhile, $53 million was cut from the NSF budget, $43 million from research-related programs and $10 million from educational programs.

The budget deal passed by a wide margin in both chambers of Congress, with pragmatism finally trumping partisanship.  The House vote was 260-167, with 81 Democrats joining 179 Republicans in support. The Senate voted 81-19 in favor, with all but 3 Democrats supporting the bill.  President Obama will sign the bill on Friday.

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