New leadership at the National Institute for General Medical Sciences

This morning, the National Institute for General Medical Sciences named Jon Lorsch as the new director of the institute. Dr. Lorsch comes to the National Institutes of Health from Johns Hopkins University where he headed a lab working on translation initiation using yeast as a model organism. Within the NIH, NIGMS is the fourth largest institute in terms of appropriations, but it has been without a full-time director since Jeremy Berg, current ASBMB president, stepped down in 2011. Over 20 percent of ASBMB members cite NIGMS as the institute that funds their grants making this institute the largest funder of ASBMB members. As such, we look forward to working closely with Dr. Lorsh in his new capacity as NIGMS director. For more information about Dr. Lorsch, check out the ASBMB Wild Types blog.

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