White House Call Wrap Up ?>

White House Call Wrap Up

The call with White House officials just ended without an awful lot of new information coming out of it.  Some of the highlights included:

  • Recapping of the President’s remarks earlier this evening on both, the impact of a government shutdown and negotiations as they relate to the White House’s legislative crown jewel – the Affordable Care Act.  If you missed his remarks, they can be found here.
  • When giving examples of the impact of a government shutdown, two research examples were given.  First, at the NIH, no new patience would be added to clinical trials.  And second, 98% of the National Science Foundation employees would be furloughed.

Public affairs director Ben Corb was lucky enough to ask a question on the call – at which point asked for more details regarding impact of a shutdown, specifically to extramural researchers who are grasping at straws for information in many cases.  I was told that contingency plans should be posted on agency websites – and public affairs staff is currently pouring over sites looking for the plans to share with you.

Another update will be coming once these plans are located.  As always, direct specific questions to bcorb@asbmb.org.

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