Back to the Senate…again ?>

Back to the Senate…again

If you haven’t been keeping up with the shutdown information of the day, here is a quick rundown. This afternoon, the U.S. Senate considered a House resolution that passed over the weekend that would have delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act for one year. The Senate stripped out this amendment and passed a “clean” continuing resolution that was sent back to the House. Moments ago, the House amended the CR again with provisions that would delay the individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act for one year. The Senate is expected to strip out the House amendments and send another clean CR back to the House. Rumors abound that the House will finally vote on the clean CR, but that remains to be seen.

Time is now of the essence. It is not clear how many more times the CR can ping pong between the houses of Congress before midnight when the government will shut down.

UPDATE: Less than an hour after the U.S. House passed its latest bill, the Senate, again, stripped out the provisions concerning the Affordable Care Act and sent the bill back to the House side.

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