Guidance from the NSF during the shutdown ?>

Guidance from the NSF during the shutdown

UPDATE: Now that the government shutdown has ended, please refer to newer blog posts for updates on how the NSF will recover from the shutdown.

The National Science Foundation has published guidance for grant applicants and grantees during the government shutdown. Here are some of the highlights.

  • “ may be up and running, however, since FastLane will not be operating, proposal downloads from will not take place. Therefore proposals will not be checked for compliance with NSF proposal preparation requirements or processed until normal operations are allowed to resume.”
  • “Once normal operations resume, NSF will issue guidance regarding any funding opportunities that have a deadline or target date that occurs during the government shutdown. Such information will be disseminated via a FastLane Advisory and other electronic methods.” We suggest grant applicants finish their applications by the due date and upload their applications once the government resumes operations. If the government resumes operations before your application due date, do not expect the deadline to change.
  • “All panels scheduled to occur during the shutdown will be cancelled and will likely be rescheduled to a later date.”
  • “No new grants or cooperative agreements will be awarded.”
  • “The Foundation may not be able to meet our customer service standard of informing applicants whether their proposals have been declined or recommended for funding within six months of the deadline or target date, or receipt date, whichever is later.”
  • “Awardees may continue performance under their NSF awards during the shutdown, to the extent funds are available, and the term of the grant or cooperative agreement has not expired.”
  • “For Agreements that include major research equipment and facilities construction, unless the work is considered to be essential to the operations of the Foundation, and therefore NSF personnel have been retained to provide oversight of construction activities, work cannot proceed for an extended period, even if funds are available, based on the foreseen need for NSF oversight of construction activities.”

Stay tuned to the Policy Blotter for information about how the government shutdown will affect science funding agencies.

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