Share your stories and questions ?>

Share your stories and questions

As the government shuts down, scientists are affected in a multitude of ways. Not only are intramural scientists at NIH not allowed to continue normal lab operations and new clinical trials but extramural scientists all over the country funded by NIH, NSF and other federal funding agencies are also facing hardships. ASBMB wants to hear your stories. Please post in the comments section how the government shutdown is altering your start to the new fiscal year. ASBMB is also concerned with how budget cuts and sequestration are affecting scientists around the nation, please feel free to include those personal tales as well in the comments section. In addition, if you have questions regarding the ongoing crisis in the government and how it may or may not involve you, leave them in the comments section and we will respond accordingly. We look forward to helping you in the best way possible. Keep checking back as the blog will be continually updated with new developments.

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