Science Policy Roundup: December 20, 2013 ?>

Science Policy Roundup: December 20, 2013

The world of science policy can be hard to keep up with, especially when a scientist is consumed at the bench. That’s where the Policy Blotter comes in! The Science Policy Roundup features the week’s science policy news.

There was finally a budget resolution that passed the House and the Senate that reduced sequestration for the next two years. It is a Christmas miracle! The next question is how the budget will be appropriated for federal science funding agencies.

“Scientists Wait for Congress to Allocate Funds Under New Budget Agreement” – ScienceInsider

“Congress Passed A Budget, But It Could Still Blow Up In Their Faces” – Huffington Post Politics

“A tight deadline for appropriations” – Policy Blotter

“Senate passes budget agreement” – Policy Blotter

Rumors have been circulating that NIH is considering more funding of people rather than projects.

“NIH Considers a ‘People, Not Projects’ Approach to Awarding Grants” – The Chronicle of Higher Education

“NIH to experiment with high-risk grants” – Nature

“Fund people not projects at NIH?” – Policy Blotter

And for a holiday treat, a new solar telescope was named after late Senator Daniel Inouye, HI, who was an ardent supporter of basic science research.

“Senator Daniel Inouye remembered in telescope naming ceremony” – National Science Foundation

The ASBMB public affairs staff wishes you a safe and happy holiday! Be sure to follow the Policy Blotter for notifications of science policy news during the break!

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