Science Policy Roundup: March 7, 2014 ?>

Science Policy Roundup: March 7, 2014

The world of science policy can be hard to keep up with, especially when a scientist is consumed at the bench. That’s where the Policy Blotter comes in! The Science Policy Roundup features the week’s science policy news.

After a few quiet weeks, things are starting to pick up again on the Hill. This week saw the release of the president’s budget, which left scientists needing more.

“Major U.S. Science Agencies Face Flat Prospects” – ScienceInsider

“Obama’s Budget Proposal Fails To Calm The Science Community’s Freak Out” – HuffPost Politics

“President Obama releases FY15 budget request” – Policy Blotter

A new effort to demonstrate how budget cuts to scientific research are hurting innovation was released.

“A four-minute explanation of why innovation is so important to the United States” – Washington Post

“The innovations deficit” – The Boston Globe

“US scientists deplore ‘innovation deficit’” – Financial Times

The ASBMB Science Policy Fellowship is now open! Be sure to apply before the April 11 deadline.

“Apply for ASBMB’s 2014 Spring Hill Day” – Policy Blotter

Be sure to follow the Policy Blotter for developments in science policy news!

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