ASBMB summer advocacy activities ?>

ASBMB summer advocacy activities

Congress’ appropriations season is rapidly coming to an end, leaving science funding for the next fiscal year up in the air. Few if any spending bills will be considered before Congress leaves on a long summer recess. This leaves two weeks in September to iron out all of the federal spending bills before fiscal 2015 begins on Oct. 1.

The ASBMB has two ways in which you can speak up and let your legislators know just how important scientific research is to your community.

The ASBMB 50-State Challenge is an event to get scientists in every single state to speak up for scientific research. Congress goes on a 5-week recess at the beginning of August, and this gives you the chance to demonstrate that brilliant research that contributes to human health and the American economy is done in every state across the nation. We’re calling on YOU to let your members of Congress know just how important federally funded research is to your community. To sign up, click here. Note: You must me an ASBMB member to participate in the 50-State Challenge.

Interested in taking a trip to Washington DC and taking a trip to Capitol Hill? The ASBMB will be conducting its fall Student/Postdoc Capitol Hill Day on Sep. 8-10 this year. If you’re a trainee and are interested in coming to Washington DC to advocate on behalf of all scientists, sign up here. Note: This opportunity is only open to students and postdocs. You do NOT have to be an ASBMB member to participate in our Hill Day.

For more information on the ASBMB’s advocacy activities, follow the Policy Blotter!

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