Obama releases FY16 budget ?>

Obama releases FY16 budget

Today, President Obama released his budget for fiscal 2016. This document contains the White House’s vision for the level of funding for every federal agency in the coming fiscal year. While Congress will not adopt Obama’s budget, the document lays out programs and projects that the White House considers a priority.

National Institutes of Health

Obama’s budget proposes $31.3 billion for the NIH, which is a 3 percent increase over 2015 levels. Every institute and center would receive an increase under Obama’s plan. Over 90 percent is slated for investigator grants. However, some of these funds would still fall under the Precision Medicine Initiative, the BRAIN initiative, research into antibiotic resistance and other such programs that are more applied research as opposed to discovery research.

National Science Foundation

The NSF is slated to receive $7.7 billion in Obama’s budget. This would be a 5 percent increase over its current appropriation of $7.3 billion. Much of this increase would go toward research programs. The Biological Sciences directorate would receive a 2.3 percent increase in FY16 up to $748 million. The Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences and the Geosciences directorates, both targets of recent Congressional attacks on the NSF merit-review process, would receive an increase under Obama’s budget.

Other science funding agencies

The budget treats other science funding agencies pretty well. The Department of Energy’s Office of Science would receive a 5.3 percent increase, with to $612 million (a 3.4 percent increase over FY15) for the Biological and Environmental Sciences program. And the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, the extramural granting program at the Department of Agriculture, would receive a 38 percent boost to $425 million.

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