Science policy news weekly roundup: June 26, 2015 ?>

Science policy news weekly roundup: June 26, 2015

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Congress prioritizes NIH funding: this week both the U.S. House and Senate advanced bills that would appropriate more money to the National Institute of Health.

Congress pursues major funding boost to NIH (Washington Examiner)

Boost NIH funding (The Hill)

House Appropriations Bill

House appropriations bill moves forward (ASBMB Policy Blotter)

Senate Appropriations Bill

Senate funding bill: NIH prioritized (ASBMB Policy Blotter)

Senate panel approves $2 billion raise for NIH in 2016 (Science Insider)

Senate GOP advances bill targeting ObamaCare (The Hill) LHHS bill delivers more funding to the NIH, but programs which support and administer the Affordable Care Act are cut or lose funding.

Additional Articles of Interest:

Research reproducibility rises to the top (ASBMB Policy Blotter)

Journal Science Releases Guidelines for Publishing Scientific Studies (The New York Times)

ASBMB advocates in the news

Marshall Ph.D. candidate meets with members of Congress (The Parthenon)

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