A Strategic Plan for the NIH ?>

A Strategic Plan for the NIH

The fiscal 2015 spending package that became law carried a provision directing the National Institutes of Health to develop its first strategic plan. Lawrence Tabak, principle deputy director of the NIH, presented the current framework of the strategic plan at a meeting of the Advisory Council to the Director last week. This was followed by the release of a request for information asking for input from the scientific community on the agency-wide strategic plan.

The strategic plan will examine NIH issues at a broad level applicable to every institute. The plan will discuss the importance of basic research and the NIH’s role in translating groundbreaking findings into treatments and cures. It will also touch on how the agency can support a highly trained and diverse workforce, among many other topics. For more information, the NIH will be holding a series of webinars at the beginning of August. The strategic plan is to be delivered to Congress by December 2015.

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will submit comments based, in part, on our recent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Society strongly encourages all scientists to submit comments on the NIH strategic plan. And to keep up to date as the NIH strategic plan progresses, follow the ASBMB Policy Blotter.

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