Science policy news: weekly roundup: August 14, 2015 ?>

Science policy news: weekly roundup: August 14, 2015

The roundup is formatted with the title of the story, followed by the news source in parentheses and a brief summary. If you find a particularly interesting article, please send it to for inclusion in next week’s roundup.

Why the next decade of medical research matters (The Progress Index) U.S. Representative Randy Forbes, R-Virginia, seeks to prioritize stem cell research with near-term clinical benefits through new bill.


Amidst the backlash against Planned Parenthood, scientists quietly point to the value of fetal tissue research in delivering vaccines for hepatitis A, German measles, chickenpox, and rabies; gaining understanding of AIDS, spinal cord injury, macular degeneration, and more.

Scientists say fetal tissue essential for medical research (San Jose Mercury News)

Scientists, researchers mum on fetal tissue research (Washington Examiner)

Fetal tissue research ban bill is politics at its worst (The Cap Times)


Gingrich: No Balanced Budget Without More Research Spending (PJ Media) Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Georgia, encourages congress to double the budget of the National Institutes of Health to head off rising health care costs of baby boomers.

Congress Should Not Weaken the Biomedical Research Workforce (Morning Consult) Concern grows over salary caps for biomedical researchers funded by NIH grants prescribed in the U.S. House L-HHS fiscal 2016 appropriations bill.

Special NIH Funding Program Launched For Sexual And Gender Minority Research (Forbes) NIH announces administrative supplement funding opportunity to expand already existing research projects to include Sexual and Gender Minority health.

NIH Efforts to Focus Research to End the AIDS Pandemic (POZ) NIH Director Francis Collins announces re-prioritization of HIV/AIDS research initiatives towards delivering vaccines and cures with goal of ending AIDS pandemic.

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