Announcing the ASBMB/FOR Hack Day on Oct. 24 ?>

Announcing the ASBMB/FOR Hack Day on Oct. 24

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is pleased to announce a partnership with the Boston Future of Research to jointly host a Hack Day on Saturday, Oct. 24 to find innovative solutions to collecting data and tracking biomedical scientists throughout their careers.

Graduate student and postdoc populations have increased significantly over the past several decades. However, the size and structure of the trainee population is not known. Furthermore, unemployment among biomedical Ph.D.s is below that of the general population, yet there is no clear picture of who employs these Ph.D.s, the career paths scientists can take or how the trainee population should be shaped in the future.

The 2015 Boston Future of Research Symposium on Oct. 22 and 23 will focus on the data gaps in our understanding of the labor market in the research enterprise. Well-known experts on these issues, such as economist Paula Stephan, will speak at the event to illuminate what is and is not known about research labor. The ASBMB/FOR Hack Day will take place the next day on Oct. 24.

The Hack Day will build off of the information discussed during the symposium and frame the event’s activities. Broad topics for the Hack Day will be identified prior to the Boston FOR Symposium, and specific topics will be unveiled during a webinar on the morning of the event.

Registration for the Hack Day is free. Teams will have 13-14 hours to come up with innovative solutions to collect data on the research workforce. Teams that submit completed Hack Day projects will compete for a $500 prize. For general questions about how Hack Days typically work, check out Science Policy in Action: Hack Days, Hack-a-thons and Hacktivism for Biomedical Research. For more specifics about how the ASBMB/FOR Hack Day will be run, check out this FAQ.

If you’re interested in working on these problems, then register here. And encourage any other graduate students and postdocs interested in these issues to register as well! Questions about the event can be emailed to Gary McDowell (FOR; or Chris Pickett (ASBMB;

We look forward to seeing you on Oct. 24!

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