Omnibus Released – NIH Increase Coming? ?>

Omnibus Released – NIH Increase Coming?

Early Wednesday morning, the U.S. House Rules Committee released the text of the long-awaited omnibus spending package to fund the government for fiscal 2016. The package, which outlines $1.1 trillion in federal spending for the coming fiscal year, includes a much-needed increase to the National Institutes of Health budget. The proposal includes a $2 billion increase for the NIH, raising its funding level 6.7 percent to $32 billion from $30.1 billion. Additionally, the National Science Foundation is slated to receive a modest 1.7 percent increase, up $119 million to $7.46 billion for FY16.

The omnibus is not a done deal! Congress today will pass a short-term continuing resolution (the current CR expires at midnight) that will ensure that the government remains funded until the final spending package is approved. We are encouraging everyone in the biomedical research community to contact their representatives and urge them to pass the omnibus package. And taking action is as easy as visiting!

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