A farewell to the ASBMB ?>

A farewell to the ASBMB

Today I bid farewell to the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After three and a half years at the ASBMB, I will start in a new position next week as the director of Rescuing Biomedical Research.

I have enjoyed my time at the ASBMB mostly because I have been able to work on, and make significant contributions to, the issues that matter most to me. As a postdoctoral scholar, I was drawn to science policy by the deficiencies I saw in the policies affecting graduate students and postdocs. Shortly after joining the ASBMB as a science policy fellow in 2012, I volunteered to be the lead staff member in the society’s efforts to reform the research enterprise. Ultimately, this led to the publication of a perspective in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in September 2015 and the ASBMB Sustainability Summit just last month. The goal of the summit was to generate action items that, once carried out, would begin to make real change to improve the research enterprise.

My efforts on sustainability issues led me to the RBR position. I am excited to take on this new leadership role and work on many of the topics discussed at the summit, including trainee-specific issues. I am grateful to the ASBMB for taking a chance on me and hiring me as a policy fellow. I am also thankful for the latitude given so that I could find my own way in the realm of science policy. I look forward to collaborating with the Public Affairs Advisory Committee, the ASBMB and all of its wonderful members as I move on in my career.

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