Science policy news weekly roundup: May 27, 2016 ?>

Science policy news weekly roundup: May 27, 2016


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Congratulations to Jeremy Berg, Science Magazine’s new editor-in-chief

 Jeremy Berg named Science editor-in-chief (Science Magazine)


Democrats stand against U.S. house committee’s investigation on fetal tissue research while researchers in Indiana fight state regulations.

178 house democrats call on House speaker Ryan to disband panel  (U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter, website)

Turning research into a felony (Inside Higher Ed)


The Zika bill deadlock continues as funding debate persists.

CDC urges speed on Zika as house moves to negotiate funding (Associated Press)

Political battles color congressional feud over Zika funding (The New York Times)

What’s behind biting political fight in Congress over Zika funding?  (PBS)

Zika funding too low in House, Senate bills, Obama says (ScienceNOW)

NIH’s Fauci: Less Zika funding will slow vaccine research (Washington Examiner)

House Dems lining up against Senate Zika bill (The Hill)

Obama to Congress on Zika: ‘Move It’ (MedPage Today)


Vice President Joe Biden gathers support for the Moonshot initiative

Biden to host national cancer research summit in Washington (The Associated Press)

NIH asks for input on Cancer Moonshot blue ribbon panel (Policy&Medicine)


 Senate moves closer to passing 21st Century Cures bill

Cures bill may come to Senate floor next month (Washington Examiner)


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