Senate moves to increase NIH budget ?>

Senate moves to increase NIH budget

On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) voted 29-1 to approve a bill that proposes a $2 billion increase in funding at the National Institutes of Health, putting the agencies budget at $34 billion.  The Labor, Health and Human Services and Related Agencies Appropriations bill for fiscal 2017 now will move to the full Senate for a vote.

“This bill sets priorities for federal programs that support the health and well-being of Americans,” said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran, R-Miss.  “Sens Roy Blunt,R-Mo., and Patty Murray, D-Wash., worked in a bipartisan manner to make funding recommendations for important medical research, education and job-training programs.”

Sen. Blunt, chairman of the L-HHS appropriations subcommittee said in a statement “This bill prioritizes critical investments in biomedical research, increasing NIH funding by $2 billion to help accelerate progress toward life-saving cures.”  Joining Blunt in applauding bipartisan passage of this funding bill, in a statement ranking member Sen. Murray added, “I am proud that we were able to work together to protect an expand critical investments in students, workers, women, families and the economy.”

ASBMB Public Affairs Director Benjamin Corb also praised the bill as a positive step forward.  “We are pleased to see the Senate take such a clear bipartisan approach to supporting the nation’s long underfunded biomedical research enterprise.  The proposed $2 billion increase for FY17 for the National Institutes of Health is proof of the Senate’s commitment to keeping American the global leader in biomedical research and innovation.  Just as promising is the commitment for more than half of the increase to be provided to the individual Institutes to support research across the board at the NIH.  While we appreciate the commitment made by the Senate, the difficulty in making funding increases like this commonplace is troubling.  We hope in the coming months to work with the Congress to reverse the arbitrary and damaging fiscal austerity measures put in place by Congress that force members to too often steal from one program to fund another.”

Institutes funding majority of ASBMB members

Institute FY16 Level ($ in millions) FY17 SAC proposal ($ in millions) Difference
National Cancer Institute 5,214 5,430 +216
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 3,113 3,243 +130
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases 1,966 1,892 -74
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 1,695 1,803 +108
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 4,716 4,961 +245
National Institute of General Medical Sciences 2,512 2,634 +122
National Institute of Aging 1,598 2,067 +469




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