Science policy news weekly roundup: June 24, 2016 ?>

Science policy news weekly roundup: June 24, 2016

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Momentum builds toward a congressional compromise after months of debate over emergency funding to combat the Zika virus.  Meanwhile the Obama administration and congressional Democrats continue to voice disapproval over funding levels and the re-appropriation of funds. 

Obama pushes Congress on Zika money, but questions loom on administration’s response (The Daily Signal)

House Democrats to demand action on Zika (Roll Call)

Congress may be nearing a deal on Zika funding (The Washington Post)

House approves $1.1 billion deal to combat Zika virus (USA Today)


The politics of science funding continues to evolve in a major election year.  However, in a divided Congress consensus grows on support for biomedical research.

Keep pork-barrel politics out of research funding  (The Hill)

Science policy positions reveal candidates’ views of America  (Brookings)

In a politically polarized year, poll finds wide agreement among voters on healthcare agenda (Forbes)

Passing “Cures” bill means better health possible for virtually every American (The Hill)


The National Institutes of Health announced this week a new policy that will centralize the Institutional Review Board procedures of multi-site research projects.  This change in protocol will eliminate the redundancy that occurs in the review process that halt the start of research at each site.  For more news, follow ASBMB’s ENGAGE blog.

New NIH policy to streamline review of multi-site clinical studies (ENGAGE)

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