Science policy news weekly roundup: July 8, 2016 ?>

Science policy news weekly roundup: July 8, 2016

Science policy news weekly roundup: July 8, 2016


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The White House this week moved forward with its Precision Medicine Initiative with the announcement of a $55 million push by the National Institutes of Health to study the factors that lead to variation in the population.  The Food and Drug Administration followed suit by announcing two new recommendations for producing genetic sequencing data and making the data produced publicly accessible. 

Obama seeks to make mark on genetic medicine (Forbes)

Medicine’s next step (The Boston Globe)


The House appropriations committee signed off on a bill this week that would increase the budget of the NIH by $1.25 billion.  Though most lawmakers applaud the increase in funds for NIH, riders that defund the Affordable Care Act, and Planned Parenthood as well as reduce funding for the Pell grant program are sure to incite opposition across party lines.

House panel would give NIH a 4 percent raise to $33 billion (Science)

U.S. House bill would nix year-round Pell grants (Inside Higher Ed)

House HHS funding bill would provide $33.3 billion for NIH, defund Obamacare (Morning Consult)

Another step forward for National Institutes of Health funding (The Atlantic)


Former FDA commissioners make the case for removing the agency from the Department of Health and Human Services and elevating it to Cabinet-level status.

Independence would be good for the FDA and the public (Stat)



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