Science policy news weekly roundup: July 22, 2016 ?>

Science policy news weekly roundup: July 22, 2016

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The Republican National Convention was held this week and if its speakers are any indication the platform moving forward for the party may be one of anti-science.  Newly minted vice presidential candidate Mike Pence brings to the presidential ticket positions that include denouncing the importance of stem-cell research. 

The Republican Party of Donald Trump vs. science  (ScienceBlogs)

Donald Trump’s running mate has some truly strange views on modern science  (Fortune)


The debate on Zika funding resurfaced during the Republican National Convention with lawmakers continuing to point fingers.  How funding will be appropriated for emergencies such as the Zika virus continues to be a point of contention and with all actions stalled until Congress returns from its summer recess, federal agencies work to prepare for the effects that a lack of funding will have on public health.

In convention speech, McConnell blames Democrats for Zika standoff (Stat)

Congress left without funding public health crises. Is this normal? (Morning Consult)

Fighting Zika without additional funding (The Atlantic)

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