ASBMB’s PAAC provides feedback on the National Science Foundation’s strategic plan ?>

ASBMB’s PAAC provides feedback on the National Science Foundation’s strategic plan

Every four years, the National Science Foundation solicits stakeholders for feedback on its strategic plan.  The current strategic plan, published in March 2014, outlines the foundation’s goals and vision for supporting science, engineering and education during fiscal years 2014 through 2018. This policy document gives the community a glimpse into the governing ideals of the foundation and sets the tone for program initiatives across the NSF.

In response to the request for feedback, the ASBMB’s Public Affairs Advisory Committee submitted comments on behalf of the society.

PAAC members provided the NSF with specific actions that they feel will further the agency’s efforts in supporting the research enterprise.  Specifically, the PAAC urged the agency do the following:

  • Increase the number of proposal submission windows
  • Increase opportunities for interdisciplinary skills and funding mechanisms for trainees and postdocs
  • Increase proposal review communication and transparency to applicants
  • Increase communication with the research community

Read the full ASBMB response here

The NSF is essential to the research community, and its priorities and goals reverberate throughout all disciplines. As the NSF continues to provide support for basic research and STEM education, the ASBMB’s PAAC looks forward to continuing to partner and support its efforts in this space.

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