UPDATE: NIH Director Francis Collins to stay on in Trump Administration ?>

UPDATE: NIH Director Francis Collins to stay on in Trump Administration

Update January 20, 2017

As the news broke yesterday that Dr. Collins would be held over as the Director of the NIH, we have looked for more details regarding Dr. Collins’ continuation.  As was reported widely in the media yesterday, Trump transition officials asked more then 50 senior level officials from the Obama administration to “hold over” in their current positions, while the Trump Administration continues to fill out its permanent staff.  It remains unclear if Dr. Collins is a temporary hold over, or will be the permanent NIH Director under President Trump.

In his message to NIH staff via e-mail yesterday, Dr. Collins himself seems unclear how long he will be asked to continue to lead the NIH, saying “I am writing to share some news with you.  Like other Presidentially appointed officials, I tendered my resignation to be effective on January 20.  But I have been notified today that the resignation letter has been returned and I am being held over as NIH Director.  I have no further details at the present time.”

Our sources have reported, and initial press reports confirm, that President-elect Donald Trump has asked current National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins to stay-on in his role leading the NIH in the incoming Trump Administration.

Details are forthcoming – and we will update this space as they are made available.

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