Science policy news weekly update: March 17, 2017 ?>

Science policy news weekly update: March 17, 2017

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President Donald Trump’s recently released budget proposal calls for a $54 billion increase to defense spending while drastically cutting nondefense spending. Nondefense spending cuts encompass federal funding for the nation’s scientific agencies, including, but not limited to, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the Food and Drug Administration. Within his proposed budget, Trump calls for a 23 percent cut to the Department of Health and Human Services, including a $6 billion cut to the NIH. A reduction of $6 billion dollars to the NIH would result in funding returning to levels last seen in 2003, a 15-year low. While the president’s budget proposal is merely a suggestion, and no funding bills will be passed without approval by Congress, the call for drastic cuts to the agencies responsible for the health and well-being of the nation’s citizens paints a clear picture as to how the Trump administration will value science and scientific research in the future.

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