ASBMB responds to proposed Grant Support Index ?>

ASBMB responds to proposed Grant Support Index


Earlier this month, the National Institutes of Health announced the proposed Grant Support Index.  The proposal seeks to help distribute research dollars in a more equitable manner by imposing limits on the number of NIH awards with which an investigator can be involved.  In response, the ASBMB sent a letter to leadership at the NIH voicing concerns and providing recommendations.

Specifically, concerns addressed in the letter include:

  1. Using “points” as a proxy for grant dollars will create unintended inequities.
  2. Including training awards and core service grants will unjustly punish educational and service efforts.
  3. The scheme will unfairly penalize collaborative research.

The ASBMB and its Public Affairs Advisory Committee have worked at the forefront of issues relating to the sustainability of the biomedical research enterprise, and we applaud the NIH’s efforts to implement policies that seek to sustain biomedical research.

However, the current rubric for the GSI is flawed and may have a number of negative impacts on the research community.

As this new policy unfolds, the ASBMB hopes to work closely with the NIH to ensure that any movement forward is done in a way that avoids any potentially detrimental impacts to the research community.

Read the full ASBMB letter here.

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