Flashback Friday: Applying for Science Policy Fellowships ?>

Flashback Friday: Applying for Science Policy Fellowships


If you are reading this blog, you most likely have an interest in both science research and the politics and policies that affect the field. Those who want to try out a career in science policy might be looking for internships or fellowships or already be in the process of applying for them.

As the deadline for several science policy fellowships approaches, including the Science and Technology Fellowship sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, we are highlighting a series of past blog posts written by former ASBMB science policy fellow Erica Siebrasse. This three-part series provides detailed information of the science policy fellowship landscape, tips for creating the application packet and strategies for a successful interview. Click here for the updated list of fellowships.

Article 1: Determining where to apply

Article 2: Creating your application packet

Article 3: Executing a successful interview

Effective science communicators are much needed today to continue advocating for sound, evidence-based policies and the continuation of life science research. Having gone through the Research!America science policy fellowship and applied to several of these programs, I’d be happy to answer your questions regarding career decisions or applications. Feel free to contact me.


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