Science Policy Weekly Roundup: January 5, 2018 ?>

Science Policy Weekly Roundup: January 5, 2018

Budget talks continue as Democrats and Republicans refuse to compromise

After passing a continuing resolution to temporarily fund the U.S. government until mid-January, Republican and Democratic leaders met with members of the White House to discuss a budget deal. It is unclear whether a compromise will soon be reached, as the list of demands from Democrats has increased. Along with a legislative fix for immigrants who are protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Democrats want any increase in defense spending to be matched with an increase in the nondefense budget.  Read more here.


Reviewing a year of science under Trump

Tanya Lewis of Scientific American reviews how President Donald Trump has shaped science during his first year in office. From rescinding several Obama-era environmental rules, appointing nonscientists to scientific advisory boards, and proposing massive budget cuts to all federal science agencies, the Trump administration has been seen as undermining the American scientific enterprise. However, the National Institutes of Health has enjoyed bipartisan support from Congress and is poised to receive increased funding for fiscal 2018. Read more here.


Department of Energy separates energy and science components

Under the guidance of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the Department of Energy has reorganized its structure to separate the energy and science components. Former investment banker and nuclear navy veteran Paul Dabbar will be appointed as the undersecretary of science and will have jurisdiction over the Office of Science and the Office of Environmental Management. Some advocates worry that the change will diminish the role of science within the DOE, while others maintain that the change will not affect funding to the Office of Science. Read more here.

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