ASBMB statement on government shutdown ?>

ASBMB statement on government shutdown


Update 1/22/2018: The Senate has passed a continuing resolution bill to reopen the federal government with a vote of 81-18 which is set to expire on Feb. 8.  The House of Representatives is expected to pass the measure later today.  

The following statement is from Benjamin Corb, public affairs director for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology calls on Congress and President Donald Trump to end the partisan battles that have defined the 115th Congress and first year of the Trump administration.  It is now time to put the needs of the American people first and push for agreements that avoid future shutdowns.

As we have seen with previous government shutdowns, the scientific community is uniquely impacted.  Experiments with potentially life-saving results may be ruined.  Decisions on funding new research grants may be delayed.  Patients awaiting enrollment in government run clinical trials may be turned away.  The scientific enterprise deserves better.

Congress must take action not only to end this government shutdown but also provide full fiscal year 2018 funding for the government.  Scientific research requires stable and predictable funding to succeed and keep the United States the global leader in biomedical research and innovation.


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