Science policy roundup – February 2, 2018 ?>

Science policy roundup – February 2, 2018

The ASBMB co-hosts Capitol Hill briefing how NSF fueled breakthrough genetic discoveries

The ASBMB, with the American Chemical Society, hosted a briefing for congressional staffers on the National Science Foundation’s role in supporting the discovery of CRISPR, a breakthrough genetic pathway and gene editing tool. The panel featured Berkeley scientists Jennifer Doudna and David Schaffer, and NSF acting assistant director of biological sciences Joanne Tornow. The panelists stressed the importance of investing in fundamental scientific research that can lead to revolutionary technology. Read more here.


Republican leaders look to another short-term spending bill to fund government

Republican lawmakers are looking to pass another short-term spending bill to prevent another shutdown. Negotiations for the fifth temporary funding bill of fiscal 2018 has already run into problems with Democrats and hardline conservatives. Leaders from both parties are hoping to negotiate a broad budget deal that would fund the government until at least October, but hot-button issues, such as immigration, continue to impede any compromises. Read more here.  


Partisan disagreements arise during House science committee hearing on energy department

Department of Energy officials testified Tuesday to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology about the agency’s management and priorities. While Republicans on the committee stressed the importance of the research conducted at the DOE, Democratic committee members asked the agency officials why President Donald Trump proposed significant cuts to the agency in his 2018 budget proposal. Republicans praised the recent agency restructuring, which split the energy and science program responsibilities between two undersecretaries. Democrats expressed skepticism that the reorganization would be beneficial. Read more here.


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