Special Episode of “Pipettes and Politics” – The Hill Day Edition ?>

Special Episode of “Pipettes and Politics” – The Hill Day Edition


After a brief hiatus, Pipettes and Politics is back this week and next with two new episodes!

April was a busy month for the ASBMB public affairs team, with the annual Hill Day and agency visits and a West Coast swing to the 2018 ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego. Daniel and André also visited Louisiana State University, West Virginia University, and Johns Hopkins University to give talks on advocacy.

In this special episode, Ben talks with several participants of ASBMB’s Hill Day about their experiences. Adrianne Lee, Andrea Hadjikyriacou, Tino Sanchez, Emily Myers and Samantha Acacio reflect on what surprised them during their congressional meetings and provide advice for listeners interested in jumping into advocacy.

Take a minute to listen to this special edition, and come back next Friday for a regular episode.

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