Episode 10 of “Pipettes and Politics” is available. ?>

Episode 10 of “Pipettes and Politics” is available.

Episode 10 of the ASBMB science policy podcast “Pipettes and Politics” is now available. ASBMB public affairs staff members provide updates on the U.S. House and Senate fiscal year 2019 budget proposals for the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy Office of Science. Staff members also talk about the discussions at the NIH Advisory Council meetings regarding its draft recommendations to address the next generation of researchers and the NIH’s response to reducing sexual harassment in science. Staff also reviewed recommendations from the National Academies of Sciences’ report on sexual harassment in science. Listen to this episode on SoundcloudiTunes or Stitcher.

Additional references:

ASBMB NGRI recommendations

The ASBMB’s comments to NSF’s RFI on sexual harassment in science

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