Science policy weekly roundup: September 21, 2018 ?>

Science policy weekly roundup: September 21, 2018

The ASBMB PAAC responds to NIH statement addressing sexual harassment in science

The ASBMB PAAC released a statement in response to the NIH’s latest statement regarding sexual harassment in science. The PAAC urged the NIH to define how the agency will respond to violations of sexual harassment policies at NIH-funded institutions. Read the statement here.


U.S. Senate passes spending bill that increases NIH budget by $2 billion

The Senate voted 93-7 on Sept. 18 to pass an $854 billion spending bill for fiscal year 2019. The bill, which will fund national defense and a bulk of the government, includes $39.1 billion for the NIH, a $2 billion increase from fiscal 2018. The U.S. House will vote on the bill next week before it is sent to President Trump for his signature. Read more here.


NSF announces new policy to curb sexual harassment

The NSF announced new policy changes on Sept. 18 to curb sexual harassment in science.  The policy requires NSF-funded scientists to report to the agency any investigations or findings related to sexual harassment and when grantees violate the agency’s code of conduct. The policy will be publicly available for 30 days before it goes into effect next Oct. 21. Read more here.


AAAS to strip honors from scientists found to be sexual harassers

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, under pressure from the science community, adopted a policy on Sept. 15 to strip the prestigious AAAS fellow title from scientists found to be sexual harassers.  AAAS members may also provide proof of harassment that could lead to removal of  AAAS fellow title. Read more here.

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