Science policy weekly roundup: September 28, 2018 ?>

Science policy weekly roundup: September 28, 2018

Where we’ve been: Attending the NSF BIO advisory meeting

Science Policy Analyst André Porter provides an update from last week’s National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences Advisory Committee meeting. NSF officials discussed several issues affecting the directorate, including the elimination of submission deadlines, efforts to support mid-career researchers, and recently released sexual harassment policies.  Read more here.


U.S. House passes funding bill to give NIH $2 billion boost

The U.S. House voted Wednesday to pass a spending package that will give the National Institutes of Health a $2 billion increase. Although the bill provides funding for fiscal year 2019 to the majority of federal government programs, several science agencies, including the Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Science Foundation, will experience flat funding under a continuing resolution that will last until December.  Read more here.


Trump administration plans to review all federal use of fetal tissue in research

After the Food and Drug Administration’s cancellation of a contract with a fetal tissue firm, the Department of Health and Human Services will begin a review of federal research using fetal tissue. Scientists are concerned that vital research will be subject to political scrutiny.  Read more here.

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