Science policy weekly roundup: Oct. 19, 2018 ?>

Science policy weekly roundup: Oct. 19, 2018

Scientists navigate life after congressional run

Dozens of scientists ran for congressional seats this year, but a majority failed to win their primary races. While many lost because of their inexperience and lack of connections to local political institutions, some are continuing to explore their new passion for public service as they settle back into the lab.  Read more here. 


Scientists push to stop cardiac stem-cell study based on fabricated data

Scientists are urging a national clinical trial network stop a federally funded trial that involves injecting cardiac stem cells into patients. The study is partly based on 31 recently retracted stem-cell papers with falsified and fabricated data from Harvard Medical School scientist Piero Anversa. One patient in the trial died from complications during a biopsy. Read more here.


Trump: ‘I have a natural instinct for science’

In an interview with the Associated Press, President Donald Trump said, when it comes to climate change, he has “a natural instinct for science.” Trump dismissed the recent report warning that climate change will soon become irreversible, suggesting that the change is cyclical. Read more here.

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