Science policy weekly roundup: April 5, 2019 ?>

Science policy weekly roundup: April 5, 2019

U.S. House committee releases budget deal to raise federal spending caps

The U.S. House budget committee introduced a bill to increase federal spending caps by $51 billion for fiscal year 2020. Funding for both nondefense and defense programs would be increased. However, the Senate budget committee’s proposal would keep FY20 funding levels below the spending caps, which would result in a 10% cut across all federal programs. Read more here.

National Academy of Sciences to vote to eject sexual harassers from its membership

The NAS will hold a vote to change its bylaws to allow the removal of members found guilty of sexual harassment. The vote will occur during its annual meeting April 30. A straw poll indicated that the change will be approved. Read more here.

Iranian scientists removed from NIH campus amid stricter enforcement of its citizenship disclosure policy

At least two Iranian scientists invited to meet with National Institutes of Health researchers were asked to leave its intramural campus in Bethesda, Maryland. NIH security officials are now asking all visitors to disclose their citizenship status prior to entering the campus. The stricter enforcement of this policy, and the removal of Iranian scientists, comes amid an increased effort to protect national security interests from foreign actors. Scientists are concerned that these policies will increase racial profiling and xenophobia while decreasing global collaborations and partnerships. Read more here.

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