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Author: Sarah Martin

Advocacy Spotlight: Kristeena Ray Wright ?>

Advocacy Spotlight: Kristeena Ray Wright

ASBMB’s Advocate Spotlight highlights the efforts of science advocates to share the importance of biomedical research. If you know someone telling the story of science to legislators to advance science policy, email so that we can consider him or her. Kristeena Ray Wright is a graduate student at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va.

State-funded stem cell research matters ?>

State-funded stem cell research matters

The National Institutes of Health has enforced three distinct federal funding policies for human embryonic stem-cell research through the administrations of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. In 2001, George W. Bush placed restrictions on the use of federal funds for human embryonic stem-cell research, leading some state governments to fund the research themselves. California established the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and other states followed with various funding mechanisms of their own.

#SciencePolicy on Twitter ?>

#SciencePolicy on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to keep up with science policy news and events. Here’s a list of who we’re following in the ASBMB Public Affairs office. Occasionally, we’ll use this space to share some of the people and groups who have interesting takes on science policy. Of course sharing them here does not represent an endorsement of their tweets.