Advocacy Campaigns

As part of ASBMB’s efforts to advocate on behalf of its membership and the larger community of scientists, the society organizes advocacy campaigns throughout the year.

Hill Day

The ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee sponsors an annual Hill Day, during which students and postdocs from around the country come to Washington D.C. to meet with their congressional representatives. Participants partake in a Policy 101 training session before breaking into small groups for a full day of congressional meetings. This event serves to get young researchers involved in science advocacy and also to expose them to how the government works. Our  2017 Hill Day will be held on Apr. 5-6.  To participate click here.

Science Policy Fellowship

If you are interested in the intersection between science and public policy, then the ASBMB Science Policy Fellowship is for you! This program offers exposure to science policy and congressional and government relations. Check back in the late winter/early spring for the opportunity to apply for the 2015-16 fellowship.

Letter-Writing Campaigns

The ASBMB does not have any current letter-writing campaigns.

Visit With Your Representative

The ASBMB encourages its members to schedule visits with their representatives and senators during the summer congressional recess. Stay tuned for more details about the 2017 version of this yearly event.

Check back here for new advocacy efforts or sign-up to follow the blog to receive email notifications of posts announcing our efforts.

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