Feedback sought for new science-education standards ?>

Feedback sought for new science-education standards

The National Academies’ Board on Science Education began soliciting feedback from the public Wednesday on its draft of a new framework for K-12 science-education standards.

According to committee Chairwoman Helen Quinn, the committee recognized that improvements could be made to the existing standards developed in the 1990, and the framework aims to move science instruction away from a detail-oriented discipline that emphasizes memorization toward a “more coherent vision” in which basic principles are progressively developed and built upon as students advance through grades.

Responding to a nationwide movement by states to implement common standards, the draft aims to develop a guide that would standardize curricula.  Furthermore, the committee reported that it hopes the draft will satisfy educational bodies, such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Science Teachers Association, and lead to re-designing of the College Board’s Advanced Placement science exams.

The committee is requesting public opinion on its report by Aug. 2 via a survey that can be found on the BOSE website.

A press release about the report is here. The framework can be found here.  Quinn’s cover letter, along with a link to the survey, can be found here.

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