President Sticks Up For Research ?>

President Sticks Up For Research

In a series of campaign-style events last week, President Obama highlighted his administration’s dedication to scientific investment.  Coming on the heels of the FY11 budget compromise that saw science agencies escape relatively unharmed, the remarks illustrate the widespread support science has from the government, as well as the understanding of its importance to the country.

The theme of basic research came up again and again as the president appeared at various events around the country.  “I think it’s important for us to invest in our basic research,” said Obama during a highly anticipated visit to the Facebook headquarters in California.  At a town hall event in Virginia, Obama, in reference to the growing appetite for government spending cuts, emphasized that “you can’t cut things like education or basic research.”  Obama also pointed out how his administration had “put the most money in basic research in our history” during an event organized by the Democratic National Committee.

Science advocates will be depending on a continuation of this kind of support as the FY12 budget debate begins.  Congressional appropriations subcommittees are currently receiving testimony for the upcoming fiscal year.  Now is the time to make your voice heard in support of science!

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