Learn how to be an advocate for science research…for free!

Lack of grant funding got you down? Well, get up and do something about it! Help ASBMB complete its 100 meeting challenge by signing up to meet with your Congressional representatives. Ensure that your member of Congress understands the health and economic impacts of your research and NIH funding by explaining it to him or her personally.

The ASBMB Public Affairs Office will give you the tools necessary to complete this task. On Wednesday, July 25, the ASBMB Public Affairs staff will be hosting the second part of our webinar series to help you get the tools you need to schedule and execute a meeting with your member of Congress. At this webinar, we will go over state- and district-specific data that you will be able to use during your meeting.

At this webinar, the ASBMB Public Affairs staff will provide up-to-date information on appropriations that affects how you conduct research. If you are new to advocacy, this webinar will give you the information needed to conduct a productive and successful meeting with your member of Congress. Even if you have a long history of science advocacy, this webinar will provide you current data on the state of the NIH budget and how it affects your state and district. Register today!

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