An Introduction ?>

An Introduction

Dear ASBMB Policy Blotter readers,

I am Erica Siebrasse, the new ASBMB science policy fellow, and I will be writing a substantial number of the articles you will be reading over the next year. I finished my Ph.D. in molecular microbiology in the lab of David Wang at Washington University in St. Louis in June. My dissertation focused on the discovery and characterization of novel human polyomaviruses. I completed my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at Hendrix College. I was heavily involved in K-12 science outreach at both Hendrix and WashU, including starting the Ridin’ Dirty with Science program at Hendrix and helping lead the Young Scientist Program at WashU. Through these experiences and talking with a number of scientists in policy positions, I decided I wanted a career in science policy. Over a year later, here I am! (Things were a bit more complex than that, but that is perhaps a story for another day.)

My plan is to add two articles to the Policy Blotter each week—a roundup on Fridays and a more substantial article earlier in the week. The weekly Friday roundup will consist of news articles from around the country highlighting science policy-related issues. Although other groups have policy alerts, to my knowledge, this will be the only roundup of science policy news articles, so I highly encourage you to sign up to receive Blotter updates! In addition to these regular pieces, your ASBMB Public Affairs team will write additional articles as current science policy events necessitate.

I welcome your comments and feedback, including ideas for articles. Please e-mail me at I also would love to see readers start a dialogue on issues of interest in our comments section.

Happy fall,



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