Happy Thanksgiving ?>

Happy Thanksgiving

Photo credit:  sciencecareers.sciencemag.org

As many of us will spend the next few days traveling, sitting down and eating turkey and fixings and spending time with family and friends for Thanksgiving, this is a great opportunity to remind you how you can use this time to practice talking about your science! I mean, let’s face it; in between hearing about Aunt Judy’s latest fitness craze or counting how many glasses of wine Uncle Zach throws back at the dinner table, we all have a captive audience where we can let those who mean the most to us know how we spend most of our time.

Practice explaining to Grandma why you use worms in research. Or maybe explaining to your cousins how the work you’re doing today might lead to a cure for cancer tomorrow. Or, maybe in the middle of the predictable argument over politics, you can interject the importance of federal support for you and your science.

Last year, our own Chris Pickett shared some suggestions on what to say.  Click here to review that holiday tradition piece!

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