Science policy news: weekly roundup: August 7, 2015 ?>

Science policy news: weekly roundup: August 7, 2015

The roundup is formatted with the title of the story, followed by the news source in parentheses and a brief summary. If you find a particularly interesting article, please send it to for inclusion in next week’s roundup.

Chief Scientists: U.S. Can Remain Innovation Leader in Science’s ‘Endless Frontier’ (Huffington Post) A historical perspective of scientific research in the United States over the last seventy years from chief scientists from U.S. federal science and service agencies encourages development of American pioneers, commitment to investment in research, and fostering of science policy champions.

How the Research Community Is Addressing the ‘Reproducibility Crisis (TIME) Reproducibility and rigor of scientific studies can be examined by independently verifying experimental results, an unfunded and frequently unpublished but essential practice.

Crowdsourcing challenge winner looking to commercialize NIH tech to diagnose brain cancer (Fierce Diagnostics) Brain health patents owned by the National Institutes of Health were offered up in a Neuro Startup Challenge which initiated the development of 15 new companies. Winners of the competition seek to develop a biomarker detection product for brain cancer.

Enthusiasm for personalized medicine is premature, prominent public health scholars argue (EurekAlert!) As national focus turns to delivering personalized medicine to patients, public health experts caution that ample opportunities for improving public health still exist that do not focus on personalized medicine.

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