The ASBMB/FOR Hack Day is only 10 days away ?>

The ASBMB/FOR Hack Day is only 10 days away

Are you concerned about the job prospects for biomedical postdocs? Have you been frustrated by an apparent lack of data and information on career paths? Now is your chance to make your voice heard by taking part in the joint American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Future of Research Hack Day will be held on Saturday, Oct. 24. This national event will challenge groups of graduate students and postdocs to find innovative ways to capture and present data on the variety of career paths available to biomedical researchers.

The theme of this year’s Boston Future of Research Symposium is “How many grads/postdocs?” and the Hack Day will attempt to address this question. On Oct. 24, groups will be challenged to complete an in-depth, innovative project that will (1) count the number of postdocs, (2) track postdocs throughout their careers or (3) develop a platform to provide accurate career-path data for graduate students for incoming graduate students and postdocs. There will also be a fourth category that hasn’t been defined yet.

Should you get started on solving these problems? Not yet. Each of these topics is quite broad, and you might end up creating something that doesn’t qualify for the Hack Day. On the morning of Oct. 24, we will announce the specific features of the projects we would like to see in each category as well as provide links to several sources of information and data that could be used for your project.

But what you can do now is start thinking about which of these questions interests you the most, how you might start to address it and if you might need any special equipment for the Hack Day.

Also, if you have ideas for what the fourth category should be, email ideas to Chris Pickett (

If you’re interested, then gather some of your friends together and register for the Hack Day! And don’t forget to register for the Boston Future of Research Symposium. Not in Boston? The event will be live-streamed (link forthcoming). Questions about the Hack Day can be sent to Gary McDowell (FOR; or Chris Pickett (ASBMB; We look forward to hacking with you!

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