Where’ve We Been? Meeting with Appropriations Staff! ?>

Where’ve We Been? Meeting with Appropriations Staff!

Yesterday, Ben visited with appropriations staff to discuss the where Congress is in the budgeting process for FY16.  It tuSenaterns out, the Appropriations Committee and their subcommittees have been working diligently to negotiate updated appropriations bills with the new funds made available thanks to the Bipartisan Budget Agreement of 2015.  Subcommittees have already been provided there 302(b) allocations, and rumor has it there is potential for research agencies like the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation are poised to do very well – should Congress be able to negotiate a spending package.  The exact dollar amounts remain under lock and key, however I’ll speculate that the NIH may see a measurable increase.

A note about the picture … spaces like this are part of what makes being an advocate an amazing job.  We work hard to support our members, who are conducting ground breaking research that may lead to cures for diseases that effect millions of Americans.  And we get to regularly visit spaces like this.  This is from inside the U.S. Capitol Building, directly below the Senate Chamber.  It’s beautiful tile mosaic floor and hand painted scenes on the walls really remind you how amazing the Capitol Building is!

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