A Quick Introduction ?>

A Quick Introduction


Hello Blotters! My name is Daniel Pham, your new public affairs manager. Ever since my first years of graduate school, I have been interested in advocating for the unique needs of biomedical scientists. As I was pursuing my PhD at Johns Hopkins University in neuroscience, I developed a passion for engaging with the public about the importance and power of science research. This set me on the path to begin my career as a science advocate.

As a graduate student, I founded Project Bridge, a student group at Johns Hopkins dedicated to connect science with the community. We equipped scientists with effective communication tools via workshops at Johns Hopkins and provided new platforms for public interaction at cafes, restaurants and bars around Baltimore. I also became involved in directly advocating to policymakers in Washington, D.C. I organized multiple events to call, email and tweet members of Congress and also participated in several Hill days. After graduation, I began my formal science advocacy training as a science policy fellow with Research!America, a nonprofit alliance of almost 400 research universities, patient groups, independent research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry. I learned how to be an effective advocate on the Hill for research to improve health. This intensive crash course provided me with effective tools required to advocate for science research.

As a biochemist myself, I understand the unique needs of our community, and I am excited to work with our diverse group of biochemists and molecular biologists. As the new public affairs manager at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I will continue to build my advocacy toolkit and share with you. I look forward to being the liaison between the Public Affairs Advisory Committee and ASBMB, and I will contribute to the Policy Blotter and ASBMB Today, updating you about relevant policies and legislation from federal agencies and institutions. I am most excited to cultivate the burgeoning ASBMB grassroots advocacy network, providing you all with the tools necessary to advocate for your own needs. I hope to meet many of you soon and am eager to learn more about the successes and challenges of our community. If you have any comments, ideas and suggestions on how to strengthen our advocacy efforts, please contact me!

Daniel Pham, PhD




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