Science policy weekly update: April 6, 2018 ?>

Science policy weekly update: April 6, 2018

White House discusses how to reduce funding from passed budget

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are looking to cut billions of dollars from the fiscal 2018 funding bill passed last month. Using a legislative tactic called a rescission resolution, the White House’s budget-reduction proposal would need the support of a majority of U.S. senators, which is unlikely to happen given that the Republicans hold the Senate majority by only one person. Trump also is seeking line-item veto power over the budget as a strategy to reduce the budget. Read more here. 


National Science Foundation directorate removes grant deadlines

The ASBMB’s science policy analyst, André Porter, reported this week on the National Science Foundation’s Biological Sciences advisory committee meeting. The BIO directorate is seeking remove grant deadlines starting this summer, which is expected to reduce the number of grant applications during pilot programs. Little information, however, has been provided on how the change might affect the review process. The committee also discussed the NSF’s updated sexual harassment policy and streamlining the agency’s workforce. Read more here.


How scientists have changed since the March for Science

Jeffery Mervis of Science Magazine wrote about how the March for Science movement has changed since its inception last year. Scientists who participated in the inaugural march have become more politically aware and active. Many have spent the past year writing and signing petitions, organizing local outreach events, and running for office. Read more here.

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